Course Schedule & Routine

We conduct 2 levels of taxidermy classes: Complete Course and Level One/Condensed Course.

Complete Course

Winter Class: Begins January - February 

Fall Class: Begins September  - October 

Fall class runs from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday-Friday with Saturdays as needed. Evening hours may be available according to student interest

There is a maximum of 3 students per class. Both classes fill-up fast. We prefer to have students sign-up 30-60 days before your class begins.


Complete Course

The full course includes all hands-on work from the student in all phases of the taxidermy process (from skinning and skin preparation to mannikin prep then through the mounting phase all the way through the finish work). As each step is intimately demonstrated, the student will learn and complete each phase on his/her own mount all the way through the entire taxidermy process. With the intimate class setting of no more than 2-3 students, you will receive constant one-on-one guidance and instruction to assure your every success!

This class is a custom made for the serious student with little or no previous taxidermy experience, who is committed to learning all phases of the taxidermy process. The student will complete (start to finish):

All specimens and supplies are included, as well as a business course! All techniques are absolutely state-of-the-art with many unpublished secrets of taxidermy fully illustrated and taught to you!

Daily Class Routine

Each student is individually trained with one-on-one instruction throughout every day of the training program. You will have no more than one or two other students in the studio during your training program. The extremely small class environment, along with constant one-on-one instruction by the award winning/master taxidermist Mark Daniels, assures an extremely high level of learned knowledge and great acquired skills with each individual student. This level of attention and detailed instruction is unique and is the very cornerstone of our school. The use of the highest quality supplies from all of the many taxidermy supply companies, along with the finest state-of-the-art taxidermy techniques, many of which are unpublished (Secrets of Taxidermy), are revealed, demomstrated and taught to you in simple, accurate and easy to understand terms.

All trade secrets are generously revealed in detail!

Each student will receive a taxidermy tool box along with material and supplies, including proper skinning tools (the right scalpel blades and handle), tape measure, calipers, artist brushes and more. Also each student will receive a set of Specific Species Fish Painting Stencils. These tools are kept by students and provide an excellent start to your taxidermy career!


Level One/Condensed Course

The level one course is a mounting course where the student completes all mounting phases starting with a fully prepared tanned skin. The student will learn and perform all mounting steps including mannikin preparation work, all finish work and mastering the airbrush along with all painting procedures. Skin preparation is fully demonstrated with many advantageous alternative techniques discussed and demonstrated as well. With small classes limited to 2-3 students, each student will personally complete their own mounts from start to finish. All state-of-the-art techniques are clearly demonstrated. Your success is virtually guaranteed! This Level One taxidermy course is a great way to begin your taxidermy career!

The level one course is designed for:

For those students who are beginners or those with some experience who are looking to learn and master all phases of taxidermy and who may want to pursue and practice taxidermy as a business for profit, a more serious commitment is often the best choice. For these students the complete full course is highly recommended.